Which devices support EventMobi’s offline capability?

Our offline-capable event apps work seamlessly on newer mobile devices that support Android 5.0 and later and iOS 10 and later. Older mobile devices may not support features and technology we’ve come to rely on, which can cause a less predictable experience. All devices will require connectivity for the initial download of your event’s content.

The web based version of the app can be accessed in your browser using the Event App URL (eventmobi.com/eventcode), or through the EventMobi app available in the Apple App and Google Play stores.

The EventMobi app allows your attendees to access your event from a native app they have downloaded on devices using iOS 10 or Android 5.0 and later. A Smart Launch page will be assigned to your event to help you in directing these device users to the relevant app store where they can download and launch your event information. The format of your Smart Launch page will follow the format eventmobi.com/app/eventcode.

If you are creating a custom branded app then attendees can download directly from an app listing hosted under your developer account within the Apple App or Google Play stores.

Functionality Not Supported Offline
While you can view all the app content offline, there are some interactive functions that require connectivity. These include:

- Receiving content updates
- Sending yourself notes
- Adding or editing your attendee profile
- Uploading images
- Viewing attached resource documents
- Participating in polls, surveys, and session feedback
- Receiving alerts and notifications
- Displaying poll results