What Happens If I Lose My Internet Connection?

Once you've accessed your EventMobi app, you can view and use it offline, including interactive features like adding sessions to your schedule, taking notes, and selecting favourite companies.

If Offline Capability is Enabled
You have to be online the first time you access your app. The first time you access the event app on your mobile device, you will see a loading screen for a few seconds while the app stores itself in your browser's local memory (cache). Thereafter, all the app content will be available to you with or without connectivity. Some functions will still require connectivity:

  • Adding or editing your user profile
  • Uploading images
  • Getting updates and announcements
  • Participating in polls, surveys, and feedback forms

If Offline Capability Isn't Enabled or Your Device Does Not Support It
The app will load in your browser without a loading screen, and you will not be able to navigate around the app without connectivity because it has not been configured for offline use.

Compatible Devices
Not all devices and browsers support the native app or the offline-capable view of the app in their browsers. For a complete list of compatible devices and browsers, check out this FAQs article.