Virtual Space Design Templates

Our Virtual Space Design services give you all of the tools that you need to create a virtual event that offers your attendees the wow factor they are looking, and helps them in navigating and using the technology. 

We have created three templates for you to choose from and customize to help you create the best experience for your virtual event. 

Template 1: Dive Into Nature 

Template 2: Virtual Tech

Template 3: Annual Expo


Can I Customize the Template Further?

Certain elements of the template can be customized according to your event. To make these changes, we will need to collect some assets from your team. Below, you will find the list of items that can be changed within the templates, and what we will need to collect from you in order to apply these change to the Virtual Space design. 

Background - We will need a background image that is a minimum of 2000 px or vector file format. 

Main Banner - We will need an image that is 2000 px or vector file image or copy if there is no image available. 

Colors - We will need your hex code selections for background and font colors (

Font Style - We will need your Font style selection from Google fonts (

Widgets - We will need widget images in a 600 px by 500 px size, or copy of widget titles if images are not available.  

Top Left Logo - We will require an image in 600 px by 300 px. 

Speakers Headshots - We will need headshots of the speakers that you are choosing to highlight, along with their names and titles (if this is being added to the Home Screen). 

Sponsors Logos - We will need sponsor logos and tiers (if this is being added to the Home Screen).

Custom Footer - We will need Footer copy or banner (applicable only to Template 3) 

*Note about Image Files
: We recommend sending over raw files when possible, such as Adobe Illustrator vectors and layered Photoshop files, for ease of resizing and color references.