Submitting The App On Your Own!

If you're interested in submitting the app in the app stores on your own, no problem! We'll ask you for the necessary files for us to create the IPA (Apple) and APK (Google Play) then you can upload them on your own directly. Here's how. 

What we'll need from you:

  • The Event Code of the app you're looking to launch
  • App name (recommended max. of 12 characters)
  • App icon (1024x1024px)
  • Start up image (2732x2732px) 
  • The completed Branded App Intake form 

Please contact Support with the above assets.

Re-signing The App

We'll use these assets to create the IPA and APK files using our developer certificates and then send them your way! All you'll need to do it use an application such as iRe-Sign to re-sign the files using your certificates. From there, you can load them using Xcode or Application Loader into the app stores, or privately distribute them as you wish.