Step 5: Send Intake Form and Assets

Intake Form

Once you have created your Developer accounts and granted EventMobi access, you are in the home stretch! The next step will be to fill in our Intake Form. Our Professional Services Team will provide the link to the intake form at the right time of the process

Our Intake Form provides an explanation of each information requested, but if you have any questions on how to fill it in, reach us out at

After you filled in the Intake Form, we will analyze all the information and give you feedback in up to two business days.

App Assets

In order to submit your app on your behalf, you'll need to provide us with the following assets. Email these alongside your intake form to Support.

  • App Icon (1024 x 1024px) 
  • Start-Up Image (2732 x 2732 with safe space as shown below)
  • Google Play Feature Image (1024 x 500px) 



When we submit your app, we'll also take a number of screenshots for you. If you have any preference for the screenshots, please email

Otherwise, we'll take screenshots from the following areas: 

  • Event Listing (If Multi-Event) 
  • Event Details Page (If Multi-Event) 
  • Homescreen 
  • Left and Right Menu