Getting Started: Where Can I Download My Registrant Information?

In the People library of the Experience Manager, you can download a list of your registrant data as an Excel spreadsheet by selecting the Import/Export option found to the top right-hand side. From there, select Export People, and click Download People once the file is ready to download. 



The Excel file will include the profile information for each person that has registered for your event, along with those that you have added to the People library yourself. On the template that downloads you will find information such as the name, email and ticket type that the registrant purchased, if applicable. In addition to this, you will find a column heading for each form field you had established on your registration site and the data that was collected when that person registered. These fields are read-only, as indicated in the column name, however, this information can be edited by clicking on the registrant's name in the People list and scrolling to the Registration Fields area of the page.