Can I edit or remove the “Legal” and “About EventMobi” pages?

In your Info Booth, there are a number of default pages. Two of these are the About EventMobi and Legal pages, which contain information about us and how we use the information gathered on the app.

These pages are fixed and can only be removed as part of the White Label solution, which allows you to remove all the EventMobi branding from your app, apart from any links that stem from the Content Manager rather than the attendees' app. White Label also allows you to remove the Powered By EventMobi footer at the bottom of your menu and gives you the option of having a custom domain so you can replace the "" part of your app URL with whatever you want.

If you are interested in adding White Label to your event app package, please contact your account manager or send a message to support and we will be happy to assist you.