Can I Change My App Address Or Use A Custom Domain?


EventMobi mobile event apps can be accessed on any current internet browser, and on the EventMobi app via a Smart Launch page specific to your event. 


When accessing your app on your browser, attendees just enter your app's unique URL. EventMobi app URLs usually follow this format: (where "" is the domain and the Event Code is the part of your app's URL that distinguishes your event from others).

You decide the Event Code when you first create your app, and we recommend that you keep it simple and easy for attendees to enter. Event Codes are not case sensitive so, if you would like to advertise the event app as 2014UPPERCASE, you may do so. Entering will take you to the same app as If you want to change your Event Code, simply contact support and let us know your preferred Event Code.

EventMobi App

Your event can be accessed on iOS and Android devices by downloading the EventMobi app from each respective app store. Using the Smart Launch page URL for your event, which will follow the format Once the app has been downloaded to the device, your event information will automatically launch for the user. 

Updating the shortcode of your event app URL, will automatically update the URL for your event's Smart Launch page URL. 

Custom Branded Apps and Event Pages

If a Custom Branded App or Custom Branded Event Page is included as part of your app package, then users will have access to download your event information directly from the Apple App Store, or Google Play through an app listing under your developer account. This is done using a file that our Native Release Specialist has created and provided to your team. 

Updating the shortcode of your event app URL will impact users' ability to access your information once they have downloaded the app from the store. If a change to the shortcode is necessary then a resubmission to the app store will be required. 


If branding is a high priority for your event, you can purchase the White Label add-on. This allows you to remove the prominent EventMobi branding within the app including the Powered By EventMobi logo at the bottom of your menu.

If you want to use a custom domain and have purchased the White Label add-on, all you have to do is purchase it and configure it to point to EventMobi. Once you’ve configured your domain, you will need to contact support before it can be linked to your event. This is required so that we can update our security certificate.

Without letting us update our security certificate, accessing an app with a custom domain will trigger a browser warning.

Note: It takes 3-5 business days on average for us to update the security certificate. Please account for this with your request to our support team.

How To Configure Your Custom Domain

Assuming you registered, then is the base domain and, or are all sub-domains.

To use your custom domain, you will need to go to your domain host to point the domain to Eventmobi using the steps below.

A. Setting up a base domain to point to
1. Select the URL you wish to use: eg.
2. Add an entry to the zone file for as follows:
@ A

B. Setting up a sub@domain to point to
1. Select the URL you wish to use: eg.
2. Add an entry to the zone file for as:
mobile CNAME

We recommend using option B for your domain. For your base domain, set it up as, so you the CNAME record would be set up to point www to

Smart Launch Pages

If you are planning on using the Smart Launch page assigned to your event, it is important to note that it cannot be assigned a custom domain. Users will need to access the URL in order to access the EventMobi app which cannot be customized to your specific branding.

Our Custom Native App option is available should you wish to make your native app accessible within the Apple App and Google Play stores, and can be promoted to your attendees via the specific URL to the app store listings.